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Appetizers and Snacks are the hallmark of any meal. Bright vegetable salad, tender pate, delicious sandwiches, crispy croutons, puff pastry rolls will instantly improve your mood and bring any lunch or dinner to the highest level!

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What to cook for lunch or dinner? Here you will find many solutions to this dilemma – from great main course recipes, to classic and unusual main course recipes, to original side dishes, and much more. Enjoy your life brightly!

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Do you like desserts? Me too! My credo is that every self-respecting meal must end with a dessert. Homemade cookies, cakes, sweet pies, creams, jellies, fruit desserts – all this enriches our body with the hormone of happiness. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure!

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How to bake homemade bread? An easy jam recipe? Original and interesting sauces? Stuffed flatbread recipe? How to make yeast at home? Are you looking for a lemonade recipe? Here you will find answers to your questions and a whole ocean of delicious ideas!

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Here are the most popular recipes of The Saporito website, which captured the hearts of our readers and confidently settled in their kitchen. Delicious tried and true meals for every taste. Cook with love and enjoy the food with pleasure!